watch?v=2AU_VUe2HX0Dear Students, For Weds, please follow these steps. Write down everything…

watch?v=2AU_VUe2HX0Dear Students, For Weds, please follow these steps. Write down everything listed below, and bring it with you to class. Bring your cluster, too. You will not need to hand this in; however, if you have it, I can let you know if you are on the right track with your ideas. If you don’t have it, I won’t be able to give you any feedback or suggestions on how to develop your ideas.Step #1:  Write your thesis statement by answering the question directly.Sample Thesis StatementOne positive and one negative point:Mai Thi Kim made the right choice when she decided to send Heidi to the US because of ____________________________________; however, this choice also led to problems due to _______________________________.Two positive points:Heidi’s biological mother made the right choice by deciding to send her to the US for adoption because _____________________________ and _____________________________________.Two negative points:Mai Thi Kim’s choice to send Heidi to America for adoption was incorrect because ________________________________ and ____________________________________________.Step #2:  Create a cluster to develop the two main supporting points that you mentioned in the thesis statement.  This will lead to important details, examples and explanation that you will need to support your main ideas.Step #3:  Write two topic sentences.Step #4:  Under each topic sentence, write down key points of support—a) abstract explanation  b) concrete examples:Topic sentence:___________________________________Abstract explanation:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Concrete examples:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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