Watching of Sports on Television in American

Write an academic essay on an issue or trend. It can be an issue or trend at the university, in the one involving pop culture, or in the subject you are studying–eg., the artistic quality of miniseries on cable TV. Base your essay on prompts on pages 248-49 of your From Sight to Insight textbook.NB: Provide evidence, you are trying to convince the write. PLEASE READ THE PAGES ATTACHED TO GET A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF THE PAPER.

To help i have a draft , which has comments on it. Use the bolded comments below to make the paper come to life:

“This is an interesting argument but in order to be persuasive it needs more factual support–eg., statistics that correlate time spent watching sports on TV with poor academic performance. If you can’t find statistics to that effect, you might interview students who are watching sports on TV and ask if they think excessive time spent watching sports has had a negative effect on their grades.

“I recommend combining your second and third paragraph as they are repetitive and relate to one another. Very interesting topic and view point. I never would have thought on elaborating on this issue.

“I find it interesting how you didn’t mention college football, being as it is the most popular sport. Maybe cite on how many views the SEC network or Big Ten network receive on an average game. You’re going to need a lot more factual evidence to support such an unpopular claim. Very interesting view and read though.

Good luck! let me know if you need any clarifications

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