Watch “And Justice for All – 1979” by Norman Jewison, and answers the following questions

Watch the movie name “And Justice for All – 1979” by Norman Jewison and answer 4 following questions. Remember, you cannot use wikipedia as a source. Do not copy and paste from the sources, at least parapharse it in your own words. Answers must be typed, and at least 300 words of answers for 4 questions.

Here are 4 questions:

  1. What is the controlling issue throughout the movie?
  2. Discuss three instances in the movie where ethics (or lack of) played a factor in decisions that were made by the characters.
  3. Which character do you believe had the most impact in Arthur?s life?And Why?
  4. Discuss a personal experience in which ethics played a role in a decision that you had to make.

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