War—A Card game Playing cards are used in many computer games, including versions of such classics.. 1 answer below »

War—A Card game

Playing cards are used in many computer games, including versions of such classics as solitaire, hearts, and poker.

War:    Deal two Cards—one for the computer and one for the player—and determine the higher card, then display a message indicating whether the cards are equal, the computer won, or the player won. (Playing cards are considered equal when they have the same value, no matter what their suit is.) For this game, assume the Ace (value 1) is low. Play 26 rounds dealing a full deck with no repeated cards. If the number of times the player wins is bigger than the computer’s, then the player wins. (This is the simple version of the game. Feel free to add any new rules to make your card game more interesting. Please add necessary comments in your code to explain the rules.)

Design the Card game and implement it as follows. Design a Card class that contains a String data field to hold the name of a suit (Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, or Clubs) and an int data field for a value a value of the card. Write the constructors if needed. Include get and set methods for each field. Include any methods that is needed. Save the class as Card.java. (You need to include at least one method in your class show the card value as Ace, King, Queen, Jack, or a number value). Write an application that simulate the card game War using Card objects. Save the application as War.java.

Some hints:

Start by creating an array of all 52 playing Card objects with values (from 0 to 52). shuffle the cards Randomly select a card for the computer and players Remove the card from the deck. Display the values and suits of the player and computer's cards Compare the val­ues, and determine the winner. When all the cards in the deck are exhausted, display a count of the num­ber of times the player wins, the number of times the computer wins, and the number of ties.

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