Visit the Kaplan Library by accessing the KU Online Library under â??Course Home.â? Once there,ente

Visit the Kaplan Library by accessing the KU Online Library under “Course Home.†Once there,enter “Marfrig Global Foods†in the Library’s Search Key Word box. Then select the Marfrig GlobalSWOT Analysis to read about this global foods organization. You will select the PDF icon to open thedocument.This organization is global, much like the hypothetical Zip-6 organization. Be sure to save theReference List and citation information from this SWOT that you will need in your paper. Based onyour understanding of your Chapter 1 Reading and your understanding of this SWOT analysis,explain the following:Assignment Checklist:1. How have declining trade and investment barriers likely impacted this business’globalization?2. How has technological change likely impacted this business’ globalization?3. What role does centralized monetary oversight by the IMF likely play in Marfrig’s globaloperational growth?

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