Valhalla Partners

The questions are given in the Valhalla Partners word doc and the Case is the pdf file.

Valhalla Partners

Case Questions

1.What exactly does Telco Exchange do? Who are its customers? What markets does it serve? In what ways Telco Exchange an unusual company for a VC deal?

2.What are the principles behind Valhalla?s due diligence process? What is your assessment of Valhalla?s due diligence process? In your opinion, what is the most significant benefit of the process? What set of risks does it present?

3.What has the due diligence revealed about Telco Exchange? What do you think of this business (what are the positives and negatives)?

4.Has Valhalla investment memo adequately answered the 3 big questions (i.e., is it real; can they win; is it worth it)? Explain.

5.Should Valhalla Partners make an investment in Telco Exchange? What valuation do you think is appropriate? Explain.

6.What do you think of the 100-day plan?

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