Using your project proposal as a guide, include your thesis statement, develop a 2-3 page sentence o

Using your project proposal as a guide, include your thesis statement, develop a 2-3 page sentence outline for your paper, and complete an annotated bibliography with a minimum of six (6) peer-reviewed resources. When you have completed your paper, submit it to the drop box as a single document. Include the following in your paper:
Your 2-3 page sentence outline should include the following:
The title for your paper. Be sure to include the two disciplines based on your academic experience. Long titles are fine! (The two disciplines I am intertwining is: Criminal Justice and Government. The title for the topic of my paper is: Why is the crime rate still increasing in the United States?).
A clear, concise thesis statement intertwining the two disciplines you have selected.
A sentence outline detailing main points and subpoints you will make to support your thesis statement (each subpoint you make will eventually become a body paragraph or two in your paperyou should plan to make several subpoints throughout your paper)
Your 2-3 page sentence outline will help you stay on track throughout the research and writing process.
Annotated Bibliography
Your annotated bibliography should include a full, APA-style citation followed by a brief annotation of at least six (6) peer-reviewed resources.
Each of your annotations should do the following:
Identify the name of the source and the author(s)
Summarize the main point(s) the author(s) makes and any relevant supporting subpoints
Include a statement referring to the quality of the source (is it effective?) and how you might use it in your research project to support your position.

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