Using any of the literary works on the Daily Syllabus, up to and including Gogolâ??s â??The Overcoat

Using any of the literary works on the Daily Syllabus, up to and including Gogol’s “The Overcoat,†respond to the question in a well-developed, multi-paragraph essay that has a clear statement of thesis that is supported by thorough discussion in its body paragraphs. –Use specific references to the literary works in the body paragraphs. –Use at least one direct quotation from each literary work discussed. Quotes should be relevant to the topic, thesis and supporting discussion. (Said another way, don’t use long quotes as a substitute for analytical content.) –Use parenthetical documentation in MLA format for quotes. –Do not use or consult secondary sources. Use only the literary works (primary sources), information from Discussions and Lectures, and your own analysis. –No Works Cited page is necessary, since all quotes will come from primary sources. –Format: Use an MLA Style heading on page one. Use Times New Roman 12 pt. font, type double-spaced, and place a header with your last name on each page.1. Romanticism overthrew the Enlightenment values of rationality and social order, but Realism in the mid-nineteenth century seems to overthrow Romantic values. How do Realist writers Gustave Flaubert, Alexander Pushkin, and Nikolai Gogol satirize Romanticism in Madame Bovary, “The Queen of Spades,†and “The Overcoat’?THIS IS WHAT I HAVE STARTED BELOW!!!!!!!!!! JUST NEED INFORMATION ADDED TO MAKE IT COMPLETE! NO PLAGIARISM!!!! PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THERE ARE ANY QUESIONS REGARDING WORK! THANKS!Romanticism and Enlightenment are two contrasting views for quite a while now of the appropriate relationship between two very interesting elements that are part of the human psyche. These elements are the logical element and the emotional element. When considering these two views, it is usually noted that Romanticism came up as a reaction against the view of Enlightenment. The Enlightenment view is said to have come up first, is considered a period when there was zeal for not only reason but science as well. Romanticism, on the other hand, came up as a reaction against this way of thinking and instead endorsed a view that values and purposes in life are revealed to individuals by their personal inner voice rather than being determined scientifically. In the works of each author, Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovery, Alex Puskin’s The Queen of Spades, and Nikolai Gogol The Overcoat they each expressed a new wanted for writing concentrating more of the aspects of real life and the close attention to detail than the seeing the world as a idealistic place of that time. Realism is said to have lasted from 1865-1910 came about as a reaction to the Romanticism views or style. This was a style, as well, as the type of writing during the stated period when authors or writers wanted to portray life as it was in real life. With the changes that were being experienced in the United States during that time, a big gap between the rich and the poor was developed. This led to the need for a different literature that the people had not previously had that reflected their different real lives. This prompted the coming up of the realism style as a reaction against the Romanticism style that did not accommodate the needs of the people (Godin, 2014). Various Realist writers are known to have satirized Romanticism in their work. One of these writers is Gustave Flaubert. In his tale, Madame Bovary, whereby there is a young female trapped by the views of Romanticism, while the events in the world around her is taking as realism views. “In the moonlight, in the garden, she would recite to him all the impassioned verses that she knew by heart, and would sing to him melancholy adagios with a sigh…(Norton, 2014). Emma read novels about love and carried her passion for her love in her dreams. She wanted a romantic love life that was described in her novels but once married it was evident that kife wasn’t what her books described. This sent her on a downward spiral that would eventually cost her with her life. Alexander Pushin is another Realistic author that has satirized Romanticism. This is mainly seen in the themes that he puts across in his work. One of this themes being used in this context is an obsession. This is one f the most known romanticism themes. Thus, this is clearly not something that Alexander believes in. Lastly, there is Nikolai Gogol, who in his work, “The Overcoat†is seen to also mock Romanticism. This is seen in the touchy or sensitivity feelings he introduces in the work when he writes “There is nothing in the world more touchy than a department, a regiment, a government office, and in fact, any sort of official body.†This is not clearly what he means to bring out in his work. In contrast, each era changed the……

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