User Interface Evaluation

In the previous weeks, you selected a city and the functions for a tourist information and reservation user interface that runs on both a kiosk and as a smart phone application. You determined the technical and human interaction requirements for both the kiosk and smart phone. Next you designed low fidelity mock-up prototypes for both the phone and kiosk. You created a usability test questionnaire for potential users to test your user interface mock-up and evaluate aspects such as usability, navigation, quality considerations, and overall look and feel. You then developed conducted your usability test and compiled a final report of the usability test results and analysis.

In this final assignment, you will modify your prototypes (one for the kiosk and one for the smart phone), based on the usability test results, by incorporating design recommendations for improvement and enhancements to address lower performing usability questions.


The following are the overall project deliverables:

  1. Save the final selected mock-up prototypes with refinements based on usability testing feedback in the Final User Interface Design section.
  2. Update the User Interface Usability Design document title page with a new date and project name.
  3. Update the previously completed sections based on your instructor’s feedback.
  4. Be sure to update your table of contents before submission.

My feed back from my teacher. The results were a little difficult to follow with regard to how they applied to specific questions and your application (i.e., mock-ups). Also, what about demographic information? How many testers did you have? Comments? You might re-review the expectations for the last two assignments and perhaps modify your questionnaire and re-test to get more usable results. Additional comments: For this assignment, you were to conduct a usability test utilizing the usability questionnaire you developed in Week 3. You were to create a Usability Test Instruction Guide that included all of the tourist user interface prototype screens you created in week 2, instructions how to complete the questionnaire, and a disclaimer that the participants’ identities and participation will not be shared with a third-party organization. Then, you were to select 4-5 testers and send the guide via e-mail. Once you received the results from your testers, you were to tally the results and update the Usability Test Results section of your User Interface Usability Design document with a copy of your Usability Test Instruction Guide and Usability Test Results. The results section should include a table with averages for each question in section 2 with an evaluation of the results, a table with averages for each question in section 3 with an evaluation of the results, a demographic impact analysis, and a summary of the comment recommendations. Before the final submission, in addition to the IP5 required changes / additions, you should review all previous comments (corrections, suggestions, etc.) and make the appropriate changes to address them. Review to make sure the document flows. For example, include a brief introduction for each major section before jumping right into lists, tables, subsections, etc. Also, review for grammatical and spelling correctness, and formatting (Times New Roman 12 pt., one-inch margins, diagrams and tables labeled, each section appropriately labeled, written in 3rd person, etc.). Update the revision history to identify changes and/or new content with each submission. Consider numbering each section/subsection, if not already numbered, and single-space the paragraphs to improve the readability of the document. And, file named using the prescribed naming convention. You might review the Unit 5 chat session, PowerPoint presentation posted under Learning Materials, and/or the “Guidance/Best Practice for Unit 5 Tasks” under Announcements

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