UNSC mandate / international negotiation on Yemen/Topic: Armed Conflict in the Republic of Yemen.

Country?s position will be the (state of Kuwait.) <—–IMPORTANT TO KNOW THIS.

1-As your State?s Delegate your individual mandate is to defend your state?s interests while acknowledging the urgency of the topic. like a diplomat.

2-Each of you is the Delegate (representative) to the UN Security Council of a real country, currently sitting at the UNSC, and participating in a negotiation round on the ongoing armed conflict in Yemen.

The objective of these work is to draft and submit a resolution, after having discussed, caucused, and compromised.

3- There will be as we said, others states. Which they are UN. As, People?s Republic of China

United States of America

United Kingdom of Great-Britain and Northern Ireland

Russian Federation

French Republic

4-It will be wonderful if the Questions, and facts that will be asked to the other countries as it shown under the 3rd step, tricky questions but for writer and reader need good statement, and good skills as 100%. drafting of the resolution are expected.

Note to make things in order; The first step to do that is to research for, draft and share with the other sitting Delegates, (i) your State?s official position on the armed conflict in Yemen and the ongoing humanitarian crisis, paired with (ii) your State?s official diplomatic declaration of what ? according to your State and State?s interests ? should be inserted in the Resolution to address said armed conflict in Yemen and the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Instructions to research your state?s position, draft your Position Paper, caucus, discuss, and draft the Resolution

These instructions, tips and ideas can be found in:

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