Unit 6 Privacy and Security (2/13-19) â?? (2017 Spring, …Assignment Purpose: The purpose of this ass

Unit 6 Privacy and Security (2/13-19) – (2017 Spring, …Assignment Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to identify the CDC’s role in the development of healthcare policy Assignment Description: THIS IS A GROUP ASSIGNMENT Visit the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Website at http://www.cdc.gov/ Search for information on Healthcare Policy. A good way to start and to type “healthcare policy†in the search box. Explore any healthcare policy topic that you find interesting. Create a two to three page paper which explains how the CDC affects healthcare policy in the United States and Internationally. (NOTE: You may use several different topics – this is not limited to a single topic). Be sure to provide an example for each explanation. At minimum, you should have one explanation and example for the United States and one explanation and example for International. Be sure that your paper is properly formatted in APA format with an introduction, conclusion, in-text citations and closing references. Submit your paper for grading. It is expected each group member will participate at least three times (group discussion board, file exchange, or recorded collaborate).

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