Unit 5 Individual Project 1 answer below »

Deliverable Length:1 poster and a text or Word documentFor this assignment, you are to create a poster using Pop art or Op Art influences. Research the following artists for inspiration:Andy WarholRoy LiechtensteinRobert RauschenbergJasper JohnsJosef AlbersBridget Louise RileyYaacov AgamJesús Rafael Soto

Explain how your composition is similar to the art movement you have chosen. Use appropriate terminology in your paragraph(s) that you gained knowledge of in Design Fundamentals.

Heres how this assignment will be graded…

Poster using Pop Art or Op Art influences – 50 points

Elements of Pop Art or Op Art used – 20 points

Discussion on how their art is similar to the movement chosen – 20 points

Used terminology (contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity) – 20 points

Spelling and Grammar – 10 points

APA – 30 pointsTOTAL – 150 points

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