Unit 4 Discussion Board 1 answer below »

In the twentieth century, there were several art movements and ideologies. For this assignment, research romanticism or postmodernism. Describe the major characteristics of the movement highlighting these aspects:artists popular in the movementworks of artcultural, political, and/or social events that impacted the art

In your post, include an analysis of the movement that answers these questions:How does the art from this movement affect design in the twenty-first century?How does knowledge of these artists, movements, and ideologies affect how you design your products in the twenty-first century?

Here is how this assignment will be graded…Researched either Romanticism or Postmodernism – 5 points

Named Artists of the movement – 5

Named works of art – 5

Namedcultural, political, and/or social events that impacted the art – 5

How does art from this movement impact today’s design? – 5

How does knowledge of this affect how you design? – 5

APA Style – 10 points

Spelling and Grammar – 5 points

Comments on at least two classmates’ posts – 5 pointsTOTAL – 50 Points

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