Unit 3

  • Theoretical Framework and Logic Models


    Research studies are based on a representation of expected relationships between constructs or variables. A theory is someone’s best guess at how these relationships are expected to interact. A logic model translates those expectations into a graphical representation of those relationships. For example, a logic model can be used to describe how a particular program should work, graphically describing inputs, processes, and expected change.

    Course Competencies

    • Competency 2. Apply advanced critical thinking skills to research methods and design.
    • Competency 9. Apply academic communication skills in verbal and written interactions within the research process.


    To successfully complete this learning unit, you will be expected to:

    1. Explain the use of logic models in research studies.
    2. Develop a logic model for a program related to your proposed research study.
    3. Develop a plan to effectively communicate a research topic to colleagues.
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    [u03s1] Unit 3 Study 1


    Internet Resources

    The W. K. Kellogg Foundation has a wealth of articles, resources, and guides that may prove useful to you throughout the completion of your doctoral capstone and career. For this unit, please read the following from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation:


    Logic Model Media Pieces
    Program Evaluation Theoretical Models Media Pieces
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    [u03d1] Unit 3 Discussion 1



    Using the W. K. Kellogg Foundation resources on how to develop a logic model as a guide, post one PowerPoint slide of a logic model of the program you are working with for your research study.

    Response Guidelines

    Read the posts of your peers, and respond to at least two other learners, completing the following.

    • Begin each response with constructive reflection on an idea or viewpoint expressed by the learner.
    • Provide comments that enrich the understanding of at least one potential topic.
    • Relate your response to specific learning or resources from this course.
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    [u03a1] Unit 3 Assignment 1



    During the Residency, you will deliver an oral presentation on the logic model and research question(s) you create throughout your courseroom work at your residency. Your presentation will include:

    • The logic model that you develop for the organization that will be the focus of your final project.
      • Use your logic model to justify the need for your proposed study and/or the research question(s) you are seeking to answer.
    • The research question(s) that will guide your study of the organization.
    • The research methodology used in your study.
    • Relevant ethical consideration for your research study given the methodology, sample, population, and/or topic.
    • Reflect briefly on the progress you have made in your understanding of research-design and how it applies to your final dissertation or capstone project.
    • Note: Be sure to include relevant references.

    For this assignment create an outline for this oral presentation. You should not write in narrative paragraphs, but rather construct an outline that shows your speaking points for each section that this presentation will address.This oral presentation should be no longer than 5 minutes. So, once you have your outline completed, practice your presentation and making revisions as needed to get it to the appropriate length.Submit your outline in the assignment area prior to the due date.

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    Updates and Handouts

    Periodically, information will be posted in this space for the good of the class.

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    Ask Your Instructor

    This forum was created to provide a convenient space for you to ask questions?questions about particular assignment and discussion activities, questions about the course in general, questions about expectations. If there is something that you feel you could use help with, please post your question here. Most likely, some of your classmates will have the same concern, so your post may help several learners. If you feel your question is private, please use the Messages tool found under Notifications.

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