Type 2 Diabetes 1 Translating Epidemiology into Effective

RESEARCH PROPOSAL: Type 2 Diabetes 1 Translating Epidemiology into Effective Treatment and Prevention Strategy for Type 2 Diabetes

The analysis paper
Should consist of a 5-pages report (not counting title or reference pages) of an epidemiological topic. The report will be evaluated on grammar, spelling, organization, format, and content and should be consistent with APA standards for documentation. A title page and reference page must be included. The paper should include the following sections.
Characterize occurrence using the three dimensions, person, place, and time.
Include the factors and their interactions, agent, environment, vector, and host.
The threat assessment includes a description of the impact of the illness or condition such as the level of threat in the US and likely scenario(s) in which an outbreak would occur. The medical treatment methods should be noted along with the Public Health preventive measures that can and should be taken.

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