two separate essays: the first from your choice of the questions in Part 1, and the second from your

two separate essays: the first from your choice of the questions in Part 1, and the second from your choice of the questions in Part 2. (Suggested length for each essay: 3-5 pages. Please clearly indicate the question number for each of your essays.)

PART 1 (Choose one of the following questions)

1. Assuming you were a counselor to a new president, what would you tell them about the nature of presidential power and authority, and what advice would you give them in order to be an effective U.S. President?

2. What factors influence the decisions that Supreme Court Justices make? Based on your depiction of the judicial decision-making process, do you think the Supreme Court can be an effective institution of democracy and an agent of social change in a Madisonian Democratic system?

3. The political news media is an important part of the American democratic process. Is it an effective

and independent watchdog, or a tamed lapdog? Write an essay that answers the question, in which you describe the competing models of the political news media. Which do you think is the most persuasive model of the political news media in the U.S.? Explain your answer.

PART 2 (Choose one of the following questions)

4. What is public opinion? What factors influence the formation of public opinion? Based on your

understanding of public opinion, would you agree or disagree that it is a meaningful part of a healthy democracy? Is the American democratic system generally responsive to public opinion?

5. Voting and elections are important aspects of American democracy, but not everyone chooses to

participate by voting. Why are some people more likely to vote than others? Once someone decides to vote, which factors are the most important influences on their choice of candidate in an election? Based on your understanding of voting, campaigns, and elections, do you think elections are effective parts of democratic representation in America?

6. Considering the issue of income inequality, do you think that the institutions and processes of

American democracy are capable of producing fair and pluralistic results, or is the system biased towards the interests of economic elites?

Essay-writing fips:

• Create a detailed outline of your essay before writing, including thesis arguments for the entire essay and main points for each section.

• Be sure that your essay contains a clear introduction and conclusion.

Review AND revise your essay before submitting it:

• Is your thesis statement clearly wri en and supported by the body of the essay? Do you fully define and explain the important concepts in the essay? Does your writing clearly communicate your intended points?


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