two questions and application on health education.

Read the following article at the end of the chapter on Social Cognitive Theory in your textbook:

Swearer, S., Wang, C., Berry, B., Myers, Z.R. (2014). Reducing bullying: Application of social cognitive theory. Theory Into Practice, 53,271-277. doi: 10.1080/00405841.2014.947221…

Based on the information in the article answer the following questions:

1.) How would your explanation for bullying behavior compare to the one presented in the article?

2.) How would your ideas for a prevention intervention compare with the suggestions in the article?

Application Instructions:
You have been assigned a project in class to create an intervention for at risk low income preschoolers in a elementary school in Baltimore. Many of the students have been exhibiting behavioral issues in the classroom setting.

Examine how each of the constructs of the social cognitive theory have played a role in the development of these behavioral issues. Briefly outline a strategy teachers can use to begin to address the behavioral issues.
( address one behavior)

Application Length – your application should be no more than one page in length. There is no need to create a cover page

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