two pages

This assignment has two parts. Both parts must be completed.

Part 1 – Suppose you are the manager of a multi-specialty group practice located in Oak Park, IL. The president of the group practice, Dr. Smiley, has asked you to evaluate the feasibility of starting a Diabetes Management Service targeted at children and teens. In two pages or less, describe how you would apply the epidemiological planning model to evaluate such a service.

Part 2 – Suppose the Diabetic Management Service described above has opened successfully and is now one year old. After year 1, the following metric data has been collected:

  • Percentage of patients attending on-going support groups – goal 80%; actual 60%.
  • Percentage of patients compliant with exercise recommendations – goal 80%; actual 50%
  • Percentage of patients compliant with diet recommendations – goal 85%; actual 88%

In two pages or less, explain step by step how you would apply the evidence based management model to this situation.

Overall your paper should 2 – 4 pages

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