TV and the American Family Final Exam 1 answer below »

Choose 5 questions to answer from the selection above. Each response must be at least 120 words in length. Make sure to identify the topic you selected before each response. In order to earn full credit, you must support each response with details drawn from specific episodes–the more *relevant* detail you add, the better. Response lacking examples will lose points. (Points : 100)

1. Raising Hope: What does Jimmy see in Sabrina? Why does he fear that the relationship is doomed?

2. For Lois and Virginia, family photographs are very important: moments fixed in time. What about their families makes these mothers yearn for these moments?

3. Which of these two programs (Malcolm in the Middle or Raising Hope) is more straightforward and naturalistic? Explain.

4. Malcolm in the Middle: In "Sleepover," it is obvious that Stevie has "helicopter parents." What does this term mean? What are the possible ramifications of such behavior?

5. Raising Hope: In the pilot episode, Jimmy rescues a woman, has sex with her, witnesses her execution, and then takes their baby home. Comment on how this sequence is filmed.

6. "Poverty and deprivation are unsuitable subjects for comedy." Do you agree?

7. Malcolm in the Middle: Malcolm and his brothers are the ultimate latchkey children—in other words, children left to their own devices between the end of school and their parents' return from work. There's no evidence that daycare has ever been a part of their lives. What are your opinions on this subject?

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