TV and the American Family Exam 2 1 answer below »

Choose 5 questions to answer from the selection below. Each response must be at least 120 words in length. Make sure to identify the topic you selected before each response. Each response *must* refer to specific episodes. The more relevant detail you add, the better. Mention episodes by title. Describe scenes. Unsupported answers will lose points.
All in the Family: Analyze the role of Lionel Jefferson.
All in the Family: Why is the character of Michael Stivic deliberately created to be very annoying? Discuss Michael's relationship with his father-in-law.
Good Times: How is J. J. different from his siblings?
Good Times: What does Florida Evans represent in this program? What are her duties? What are her limitations?
All in the Family and Good Times: Describe the visual scheme of these two programs? In other words, what do they look like?
Roseanne: What is Roseanne's normal defense mechanism when things don't go her way?
Roseanne: How is the factory depicted?
Roseanne: Why don't Roseanne and Dan plan for the future?

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