Topic; Experiencing, Race, Class and Gender in the US…

Read the articles that have been posted in Blackboard:

Experiencing, Race, Class and Gender in the US up to page xvii

Race, Class, & Gender in the United States: An Integrated Study Part 1 – The Social Construction of Difference: Race, Class, Gender & Sexuality p 7-12 Chap 1 Racial Formation p13-22

Answer the following questions for each reading: What was the main point each author tried to make? Identify one important concept, theory or idea that you learned from the reading.

The following questions can be answered from the collective reading assignment (do not need to answer for each reading) and should be posted on the discussion boards under the corresponding heading: What questions have the readings raised for you? Connect and/or relate one thing from the reading to a real life experience that you have witnessed, or experienced yourself.

Post at least one comment on a classmate’s post on each of the two discussion boards.

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