Topic: Develop a general threat analysis of a Foreign Intelligence Entity (FIE) of your choosing…

Topic: Develop a general threat analysis of a Foreign
Intelligence Entity (FIE) of your choosing that is targeting the US.
Examples include Russia’s SVR, Iran’s MOIS, Al Qaeda (or any of its
‘subsidiaries’), North Korea’s Reconnaissance Bureau, or Venezuela’s
Bolivarian National Intelligence Service, etc.A FIE is any known
or suspected foreign organization, person, or group (public, private,
or governmental) that conducts intelligence activities to acquire U.S.
information, block or impair U.S. intelligence collection, influence
U.S. policy, or disrupt U.S. systems and programs. This term includes a
foreign intelligence and security service [FISS] and international
terrorist organizations. (JP 1-02; JP 2-01.2, CI & HUMINT in Joint
Operations, 16 Mar 2011; and DoDD 5240.06, CIAR, 17 May 2011)The
components of your FIE threat analysis should include a full overview
of the FIE (strength, location, organizational structures (if known),
whether they operate under official cover or operate under unofficial
cover–inside corporations, etc.). Detail the FIE’s mission, and
specific known and suspected US targets. [Do not select the People’s
Republic of China (PRC – Mainland or Communist China) as your FIE, since
this is the focus of the Final Essay — a paper on the PRC will not be
accepted.]Your FIE threat analysis should use the three general
threat categories: low, medium, and high, to estimate the FIE’s threat
against the following types of US targets:1) personnel, installations, and facilities2) technology, defense industry, and communications3)
sensitive military and intelligence operations, such as intelligence
collection, research & development, covert action, identifying US
intelligence personnel, etc.For each of these three areas,
research open sources and include specific details of that research to
justify your FIE threat assessment. Use events, dates, activities,
names, places, etc., to back up your analysis and conclusions.

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