Topic 5 DQ 2.2

Please respond with a paragraph to the following post, add citations and references.

The postpartum care unit I work use evidence-base practice on a daily basis. Maintaining infection control in our patients, using standard precautions by wearing standard protective equipment before doing cares. Also, making sure the area is clean and free of infection causing agents. Postpartum care has many aspects and areas of concern for both mom and baby. Healthcare providers need to make sure a new or experienced mother is coping with the major changes of a new baby. The health of mothers and babies is vital to their physical safety as well. It is important for postpartum moms be seen two to three weeks after delivery and five to six weeks after delivery to monitor them for postpartum depression, infection, birth control and overall health (Wagner, Zabari, & Handel, 2015). My unit has implemented a plan with our providers to have them set up follow up appointments for the mother and baby via their office. The baby is seen twenty-four to forty-eight hours after discharge form the hospital, so the weight and jaundice levels can be checked. This allows for closer monitoring of how baby is feeding, milk production, and possible complications from increased jaundice levels. The closer the monitoring the earlier interventions can be placed for their health and well-being.


Wagner, C., Zabari, M., & Handel, S. (2015, June). The best health and care for moms and babies. Best Practice Recommendations

for Postpartum Care, 1-24.

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