Topic 5 DQ 1.1

Please respond with a paragraph to the following post, add citations and references.

The theoretical foundations are different in both qualitative and quantitative research methods, but when both are used together in a study it?s called mixed methods study. In this type of study, the qualitative and quantitative methods are mixed together in a single phenomenon or investigation. This allows more thorough and complete use of data than a single type of research can provide. Collecting and analyzing both qualitative and quantitative can be beneficial and the ideal technique is doing research in a more complex topic where one single method may not provide reliable results. For example, a research may collect qualitative data to access and analyze personal experience of patients regarding quality of care and nosocomial infections and hospital acquired pressure ulcers. The use of qualitative data to explore quantitative finds can be done as well, where a researcher may use a method to explain qualitatively how a quantitative mechanism may work. Some advantages of mix methods include:

1. Compares qualitative and quantitative data

2. Reflects participants point of view

3. Fosters scholar interactions

4. Provides methodologic flexibility

5. Contains comprehensive data

Some disadvantages are:

1. Increased complex elevations-careful planning is required

2. Relies on a multidisciplinary team of researchers where large sample sizes and expertise is needed to meet the common ground

3. Required multiple resources which is time consuming


Wisdom, J., & Creswell, J. (2013). Mixed Methods Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Data Collection and Analysis while Studying Patient-Centered Medical Home Models. Retrieved from…

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