To present your review and critique of special issue in OD.

To help you best select your chapter Special Issues in OD refer to Foreword and Introduction in POD4 book. I have chose the chapter 20:Organizational Change that Transforms


  • Chapter purpose and learning objectives
  • Define and overview key points
  • List key contributors and any additional writings in the area (go beyond the book for additional sources ? provide at least one or two writings and post in Canvas with your presentation)
  • Recommend the best situation/application to use
  • Additional References beyond the book (articles, websites, video clips, books blogs, etc.)
  • Value Added to the field and possibly to your area of work
  • Address if the contributor is an academic- or practitioner-scholar and/or a leading consultant
  • Critique: What did you think and why?
  • References (use APA Style ? Sixth-Edition

Chapter 20: Organizational Change that Transforms
A review of this article showcases the fact that there is a dire need to have a foundational understanding of design frameworks within the organizations in both HR and organizational development. For the OD practitioners to be in a better position as far as right decision making is concerned, the authors suggest that they have a good understanding of the organizational design. Changing the organizational design with the sole objective of meeting the HR and OD needs is the surest way towards achieving a change in the organizational setting that will consequently transform. One of the best highlights of this chapter is the fact that it establishes the relationship that exists between OD and organizational design as well as on how change that is transforming can be introduced into the equation.

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