To prepare a Course Project, not to exceed 15 pages of text (excluding, Title page, Table of Content

To prepare a Course Project, not to exceed 15 pages of text (excluding, Title page, Table of Contents, Reference page, and Appendices) on the theme of channels of distribution. With this theme, the project is intended to be an opportunity to explore in depth a topic related to this course that is of specific significance to you.When developing the project, select one of the topics outlined below. This is not a book report. The Course Project is a Channels of Distribution Analysis Report. This is a graduate-level research paper complete with analysis and evaluation of your findings. Your project should be written in third person (no first person such as “I recommend”) and should focus on the foloowing topic.The Effects of the Internet on Channel StrategyAgain, this project is not designed as a make-work type of exercise. It is aimed at affording participants the opportunity to bring major course concepts to life via their application to real-world issues of channels of distribution.Papers should be 10–15 typed pages, not including references, cover sheets, table of contents, appendices, and so forth.To be considered complete, papers must include a Title page, Table of Contents, Reference list, and Appendices (APA format).Substantial points will be deducted for failure to include all of these items.Use proper grammar, spelling, sentence and paragraph structureUse 1†margins on all sides and double spacingBlack font color with a professional 12-point nonitalic font (no comic sans, as an example)Name, page number, course number and title of paper on each pageSee the grading rubric below.You must provide at least five reliable and credible sources outside the textbook. Cite all sources. All references must be cited in two places: within the body of your paper using APA format and on a separate reference list. Choose references judiciously and cite them accurately. Choose references from multiple sources. Keller uses the services of Turnitinto detect and verify outside sources used in your research paper. This is available to you to check your paper before you submit it for grading to ensure the integrity of your work. Please see the Turnitin tab located on the shell under Course Home. Possible sources include the following.Marketing Management journalsMarketing and Sales journalsWholesaler DigestJournal of RetainingJournal of MarketingJournal of Marketing ResearchJournal of AdvertisingJournal of the Academy of Marketing ScienceMarketing NewsBusiness WeekFortuneForbesAdvertising AgeSpecific Industry Trade PublicationsTitle Page52%Title of the Channels of Distribution paper, your name, date, course name and number.Introduction105%Identify clearly and explain the issue and the significance of the issue that you have selected. Remember, what, on the surface, appears to be the issue, may merely be a symptom of the real issue. (Suggested length: one to two paragraphs)Background Information157%Briefly but completely, relate the history and context of the issue. Explain the significant issues and challenges that exist. If you are relating the issue to a specific organization, also describe the organization. Identify the specific division/department of interest and present background and facts that will enable the reader to clearly understand the organization and what is to follow. (Suggested length: one to two pages)Marketing Channel Characteristics2512%Describe the specifics of the channels related to the topic. Do not just define the channels used and characteristics, analyze the why and rationale behind the characteristics of the channels. (Suggested length: one to two pages)Core Principles6029%A critical element of the strength of this section is how you apply, analyze and evaluate distribution channel concepts and models from our text, class discussion and your literature review. Discuss the concepts, ideas, or insights that are most valuable in evaluating the situation. Support your analysis with reference to appropriate research. (Suggested length: three to four pages)Recommendations4019%This section is your opportunity to draw on all your knowledge to offer recommendations that describe improvements to channel efficiency. Don’t just state your recommendations. Offer the rationale and why of your decisions. Include both negative and positive consequences of your recommendations. (Suggested length: two to three pages)Summary, Reflection, Reference List, Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, and so on5526%A brief statement or two that summarizes the key points. Think about the assignment and write a well-thought out reflective statement about how this assignment influenced your personal, academic, and/or professional perspective. You must provide at least five reliable and credible sources outside the textbook.210100%A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.

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