Three questions of the homework

Continuing with the same scenario as Module 1, please go to (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) and generate a job analysis report for the job of “Data Analyst”. Then, using the information provided please answer the following:

Q1: Describe in detail what specific 1) felt emotions and 2) displayed emotions you feel data analyst working in the unit might be likely to experience. Specifically, which emotions do you expect would be common for someone working as a data analyst within a unit tasked with capturing, processing, and then reporting a wide range of statistical data. The focus of your response should be on the job itself and the work environment.

Q2: For this type of work (and not necessarily the specific job of ‘data analyst’, what core personality traits do you feel would both enhance AND constrain job performance? Please list specific traits and explain how you see these being related to job performance.

Q3: Putting yourself in the role of the unit manager, please describe what specific things you would to motivate AND engage your employees, and also what steps would you take to prevent demotivation and disengagement?


Grades for all Module integrated activity assignments will be based on:

1. The relevance of the concepts you identify given the scenario, and

2. The degree to which you demonstrate that you understand and apply the concepts to the situation.

**** There are no specific answers for this assignment. I want you to be as creative as you would like. The main thing I will look for is how well you apply and discuss the relevant concepts described in the Module 1 chapter material.

You do not have to include everything from the chapters (i.e., throwing in the kitchen sink will not work). Instead, I will be looking for evidence that you are able to apply material you feel is most relevant to the situation and to your intended actions/ decisions.

Scenario Overview:

Envision yourself as a manager of a (hypothetical) mid-sized industrial equipment manufacturing company who has been tasked with starting and managing a new work unit focused on providing a wide range of operational data analytics to the various divisions within the company. The need for the new work unit is that the company has experienced rapid growth, and in order to support the company’s ability to meet its customers’ demands, the new work unit will provide direct analytic support to all of the major operational divisions.

The specific mission of the new unit will be to collect and analyze raw operational and production data which will then be used to generate reports for various internal customers according to the parameters specified by those customers (e.g., quality assurance, resource utilization, production lead times etc.)

Even though this new work unit will be situated within the broader organizational structure, because of the unique nature and purpose of the new unit you have been given a great deal of autonomy regarding how the unit is to be internally structured and managed.

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