This is my assignment – Major project that I would like assistance on. Thank you Question One:… 1 answer below »

This is my assignment – Major project that I would like assistance on. Thank you

Question One: Theory

Question One is about theory. In your courses you have studied many theories in psychology. There are psychology theories about behavior, thoughts, and emotions. There are theories of psychotherapy. There are theories of motivation, group behavior, development, and bias. Question One is not about specific information you have studied about specific theories in psychology. Question One is about the general idea of theory, in psychology, and more broadly in science. In Question One, your task is to think about the idea, theory. In the first part of Question One, you are to critically examine the general idea of theory and related general concepts. In the second part of Question One, you are to demonstrate, using your critical thinking skills, how specific theories in psychology incorporate these concepts.

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Assignment: Part One

Below is a list of terms all of which are closely connected to the idea of theory.

Your task is to define each term in your own words, and as you do, explain the interrelationships between various terms and concepts as they fit into the world of theory.

As you have no doubt noticed throughout your coursework, professional journals sometimes refer to the terms and concepts in the list; any definition of them, however, is usually in very abstract, dense language. In preparing your answer to Part One, you are not required to include information from articles published in peer-reviewed journals that focus on or discuss the meanings of these terms. Instead, you should review materials from the content courses you have taken that have used the terms that you are examining in Part 1. Your task is for you yourself to deduce the meaning of these terms, deduce the relationships between these terms, and to demonstrate the reasoning for your deductions.

While explaining the relationships between these terms and the reasoning for your deductions, use examples from peer reviewed professional journals, examples in which the terms are being used. Use articles that you have used in your previous courses in your program or choose new articles and sources. As with all academic papers, you will be required to cite and reference all your source materials.

When demonstrating your knowledge of theory and related terms, the tone of your writing should be appropriate to an audience unfamiliar with these ideas and concepts rather than heavy on professional jargon or technical terms.

Give a comprehensive picture of the relationships and connections between the terms below (you may change the order of presentation from how they are listed below). You may include additional terms you think necessary to complete the picture of the concept of theory. When you write the explanation for each term, please put the term in italics or bold so that I may check it off as completed. Theory – common language definitionTheory – definition in scienceTestability of theoryPhenomenonConceptVariablePsychologyPsychology TheoryPsychological PhenomenonPsychological ConceptPsychological VariableOperational DefinitionResearchExperimentQuantitative ResearchQualitative ResearchHypothesisResearch HypothesisPredictionData

Assignment: Part Two

In your content courses you have studied many specific theories and many specific concepts on many topics in psychology. In psychology there are the grand theories that cover wide areas of psychological functioning. These grand theories include Freud's psychoanalytical theory, learning theory, cognitive behavior theory, and social learning theory. Within those theories are more specific theories focused on a narrower topic in psychology. For example, within Freudian psychoanalytical theory there is the theory of the Oedipus Complex. In learning theory there is the theory of operant conditioning in which reinforcement and punishment are key components. In cognitive behavioral theory there is the theory of learned helplessness as an explanation for depression. In social learning theory there is a theory of self efficacy.

Grand Theory is Behaviorism and family development. The Grand Theory includes Psychoanalytic theory, behaviorism, and cognitive theory. Behavior of families with regard to the military is what I am focused on.

10-15 pages

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