This essay will be based on the most recent list of Fortune ´s Most Admired Companies, drafted in…

This essay will be based on the most recent list of Fortune ́s Most Admired Companies, drafted in Fortune Magazine. This list can be found at To start, pick any one of the top ten selected companies, and research, then identify a strategic management practice adopted by that organization which is associated with each of the Coulter text’s (Strategic management in action sixth edition by Mary Coulter) chapters 1 through 4. In other words, choose one strategic management practice per each chapter that we have covered thus far.2. For each chapter, take each identified strategic management practice and evaluate its impact on one of the five key organizational outcomes; namely, performance ( including financial results), employee retention, employee absenteeism, social responsibility, and loyalty (both from employees and customers). You must also assess the ethical implications of the practice. For example, is the company’s human resources strategy supportive of employee retention? And are employees compensated fairly?3. Conclude your paper with a series of recommendations that could help the company perform better. Base these recommendations on the strategic management practices that you have studied in Great by Choice (by Collins and Hansen). Support these recommendations by predicting their impact on key outcomes and evidence. In addition, your recommendations must incorporate ethically responsible strategic management decision-making.4.Should be approximately fifteen typed pages-double spaced, in PDF format, and include all appropriate citations in an acceptable format.5. The paper will be evaluated according to the following criteria: a)Research and conceptual support, b)Persuasive strength of recommendations-No organization is perfect and you must make suggestions for improvement, based on critical analysis, evidence, and the best practices in Great by Choice, c)Writing clarity, including proper grammar, syntax, and punctuation, d)Integration of ethical considerations and their impact.Name your price.


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