Enter MindTap via the link provided.

    • Located in Part 2: Theories and Techniques of Counseling, read Chapter 5: Adlerian Therapy.
    • Complete the activities located in the ?How do I practice what I learned?? folder.
  • Return to Blackboard.
    • Participate in the discussion board. The link is located in this content folder.

    1. disscusion topic

  • Initial Post: Social interest is a cornerstone concept in Adlerian theory. How could you encourage your clients to develop social interest? Additionally, what are your thoughts about the emphasis that Adlerians place on encouragement as a therapeutic factor? Be sure to connect your response to something you learned in Chapter 5. To clearly illustrate that connection, your response must contain the page number from the textbook in order to earn full credit.

2. respond -> i need respond to this classmate. Keep it positive and short 🙂

I agree with Adler that social interest is a very important aspect of humanity. According to Corey (2017), social interest involves a sense of being part of a community and being concerned about others in addition to ourselves (Corey, 2017, p. 102). In order to encourage clients to develop social interest, I would first want to learn about what relationships they currently have with others and see if they have a social interest or support system. It may be very easy to encourage someone who has social interest already to develop more of an interest in others than it would be for someone who feels alone and isolated. For a client who does not seem to have a sense of community or social interest, I would start with a small goal and try to get the client to show an interest in one other person, even if that just means holding the door for someone at the grocery store. If the client does something nice for someone else and feels good about him/herself, I would want to work up to bigger goals such as maybe doing some volunteer work or participating in a community event. Corey (2017), says that social interest is an important indicator of mental health according to Adlerians. As social interest starts to become a greater part of a person?s life, feelings of being inferior and isolation will start to fade (Corey, 2017, p. 102). I would frequently check in with the client as we progress from small goals to larger ones to see if their social interest is increasing and how he/she feels about themselves and whether or not a greater sense of community is forming.

Corey (2017) evaluates how encouragement is central to changing a person?s beliefs and instilling confidence and courage in a client (Corey, 2017, p. 105). When I read that, I instantly thought of a counselor being a cheerleader for their clients. Our goal as counselors is to help clients through very difficult experiences in their lives and I feel that encouraging a client is really shining a spotlight on what they are able to accomplish. Encouragement can give others a greater sense of self and feel more empowered to take control of their lives and make positive changes.

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