The website APA Help Center from the American Psychological Association (http://apahelpcenter….

The website APA Help Center from the American Psychological Association (http://apahelpcenter. org/articles/topic. php? id=2) is all about articles and information focusing on family and relationship. It is demonstrated by a picture of a father and son on the upper right part of the webpage. In the center, the main heading “Family and Relationships” covers 49 subheadings that vary from disorders, parenting, stress to sexual orientation.

The website is particularly useful and functional to me in a sense that it offers helpful advices with regards to certain family relationships such as parenting and psychological disorders such as mental health, emotional wellness and anger management. It also offers a number of tips on specific issue. If I want to have knowledge on how to help a friend who is suffering from chronic illnesses, the website is indeed of great help. It bestows me a realization that I, as a friend and loved one, need not be afraid because chronic illness is not contagious, instead, I must help my friend deal with it by offering support and care.

The website itself is divided into seven parts namely about the APA Help Center, featured topics, articles and information, find a psychologist, request information, for reporters and home. However, I focus on the articles and information because of some reasons I have stated earlier. Moreover, the mentioned part of the website provides enormous information and knowledge. It serves as a virtual psychologist to me. There is no need for me to go and see a psychologist just to be informed on some things of utmost importance such as coping with stress, how to control anger, how to deal with back-to-school blues, and a lot more.

Nevertheless, if I desire to talk to a psychologist, the website has already done a template on finding one nearest to my area. I greatly recommend the site to everyone I know because it is indeed useful. If there are issues with regards to particular things that are not on the list, a person can still find some useful information by using the search template on the uppermost right part of the page.


American Psychological Association. (2004). Family and Relationships. APA Help Center. Retrieved March 2, 2009 from http://apahelpcenter. org/articles/topic. php? id=2.

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