The Theoretical Conceptualization Report should be a 3–4-page analysis of an imaginary client from… 1 answer below »

The Theoretical Conceptualization Report should be a 3–4-page analysis of an imaginary client from a specific therapeutic perspective of your choice. The task is to provide a clear, coherent, theoretically sound description of the client's strengths, challenges, patterns, and current problems, as if you were communicating this information to a professional colleague consultant.

This assignment is due at the end of this unit. You will save a copy of this assignment and the feedback provided by the course instructor, incorporating recommended changes when resubmitting it as part of the Final Case Study Project. Refer to the Theoretical Conceptualization Report Scoring Guide to ensure you meet the evaluation criteria for this assignment. Client Conceptualization

Provide a written conceptualization of an imaginary client. This will involve the following steps: Choose an imaginary client, whom you will continue to discuss in the Final Case Study Project. Choose a theoretical orientation from which you will be working with your client. This can be a "pure" model or an integration of two, but no more than two, psychotherapy approaches that you are most comfortable using. If you do not have your own theoretical stance yet, it is recommended that you choose an approach that you understand well enough to apply to your case. Explain the model you have selected. Clearly define and house your client's presenting problem within your chosen orientation, applying any appropriate assessments that match your chosen theoretical orientation. Follow the report outline described below to ensure that you are providing all necessary information in your Theoretical Conceptualization Report. Report Outline

Your Theoretical Conceptualization Report should: Provide a brief introduction to your client, with demographic information (age, sex, marital status, employment status, and so on). Provide other historical information that would be relevant from your theoretical perspective. For instance, if you are working from a family systems perspective, family of origin information; from a solution-focused perspective, history of problem-solving successes; from a psychoanalytic perspective, childhood traumas and attachment problems; from a person-centered perspective, conditions of worth issues in past relationships; et cetera. Refer back to your Corsini and Wedding theories text to help you remember which elements are relevant to which theoretical model of therapy. This section should clearly convey your theoretical approach through the elements upon which you focus. Do not simply give details of the client's past that do not clearly relate to your theoretical perspective.

As you present the problem, take the following into consideration: What does the client see as the problem? State the presenting problem or chief complaint that brought the client to seek therapy. From your theoretical perspective, how do you define this problem? Explain this using terms and concepts from the theoretical model you are working from. This is your conceptualization within the context of your theory. State your hypotheses about the client's personality and functioning. What are the client's abilities and resources? What are the client's deficits, pathology, or issues? Include any other significant factors or issues that would help your understanding of your client. This could include cultural factors or ethical issues. Include any other biological, psychological, or social factors that inform your understanding of your client.

When you have completed all of the above elements, you should have a coherent word-picture of your client, framed in the concepts of your theoretical approach to psychotherapy. Writing Requirements Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message. Length of paper: 3–4 typed, double-spaced pages. APA formatting: Use APA style in your report, and include a title page, page headers and numbers, proper spacing, proper headings, and proper margins. Refer to the Additional APA Resources page on iGuide (linked in the Resources) for additional support. Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12-point.

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