The stressors impacting on the mental health of migrants OR refugees OR asylum seekers in Australia 1 answer below »

Topic should be

The stressors impacting on the mental health of (migrants OR refugees OR asylum seekers) in Australia. it should not be three mixed select either one category. As the issues can be quite different.

Follow APA 6 in text referencing and 100 % plagiarism free. check grammar and spelling Strictly follow only the template i provided you.Please make sure its done as per the Criterion mentioned for High distinction. AS I NEED 43 FROM 50

It should be Australian context not in Asia or any other country.

Each literature should be done as per the following model

Full citation (Must be in APA 6 format.)
Aim of the paper
Methods used – mention sample size method used and
Findings of the research/paper
Your evaluation of its strengths and limitations. – it must be critic review, want to mention about the quality of the literature and reflection and conclusion
Each section will be quite brief.

Search resources: Recommended:Academic Search Elite(viaEbscohost),ScienceDirect,ProQuest Health, Google scholar and literature's must be within last 10 years.

Word limit is 2500 words for part A and Part B 500 words

in introduction make sure that it is clearly explained about the inclusion criteria used the reviewing of articles, keywords used, search resources used, reviewing methods used and other related things.

Sample Annotation

1. Catlin, James. and Jones, Roy. 2010. “Whale shark tourism at Ningaloo Marine Park: A longitudinal study of wildlife tourism.” Tourism Management 31: 386-394

2. Inthis article Caitlin and Jones look at the rise of wildlife tourism in Ningaloo Marine Park and compare findings with a previous wildlife tourism study undertaken in 1995.3. Their research consisted of open ended questionnaires distributed to whale shark tourists asking their views on the impact of tourism growth on wildlife in the region, in order to see if there is both a higher tolerance of tourists and an increase in tourism since 1995.4. The researchcentres on perceptions of tourists who have travelled to Ningaloo with the intent to snorkel with whale sharks.5. and the resulting data is used comparatively and descriptively throughout this article, comparing 1995 data with 2006 data.6. The main limitation of this study is that the survey was restricted to tourists visiting Ningaloo to snorkel with whale sharks; it neglected other tourists such as divers and nonsnorkelling tourists.7. The study highlights the importance of enforceable management policies in order to ensure that the detrimental effects of increased tourism on marine wildlife areminimised.8. This article will not be used in my research as I am concerned with the effects of diving tourism on marine wildlife in the Ningaloo area.

Adapted from Kennedy-Clark, Shannon., Tracey-Lee Downey., and Pam Mort. (2006). Annotated Bibliography. Sydney: The Learning Centre, University of New South Wales.

1. Citation

2. Introduction

3. Aim or purpose and Research methods (if applicable to resource)

4. Scope

5. Evaluation

6. Limitations of research/ resource

7. Conclusion

8. Reflection

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