The Storm This Time, English homework help

Cinzia Rothrock: I chose the essay “Flavio’s home” for this week’s assignment discussion, taken from Gordon Parks’ 1990 autobiography “Voices in the mirror”. I specifically picked question number two regarding what Flavio’s family looks like and the responsibility that he has in the household. Saying that Flavio’s family is poor is an understatement. They are a family of ten, eight kids plus mother and father, going on eleven, living in a six by ten feet little shack. The parents are out of the house for big part of the day, selling kerosene and bleach, making around “seventy-five cents per day. On a good day maybe a dollar” (Parks, p. 104). The kids stay at home. Going to school is out of the question for them because the family doesn’t have money enough to buy the clothes they need to attend school. Medical care is another expense they cannot afford. Twelve year old Flavio is the oldest of all the siblings. This, plus the absence of the parents, leaves him to deal with a lot or responsibilities. At the same time he has to take up the roles of both the father and the mother to his younger siblings. He is in charge of getting the water and the firewood. He also has to cook the food, ensure the little one is washed, clean the floor, and serve dinner to the family. When some of the siblings fight with each other, he has to act as the enforcer and make sure that all the kids respect his authority. Although exhausted and sick with a bad cough, Flavio smiles most of the time and he is hopeful that someday he will live in a real house.

Mark McKenzie i chose the essay, “The Storm This Time,” and question four for my response. Given the context, and the meanings of the root eco and the word geek, I would define this word as an environmentally or ecologically conscious nerd. Based off his description stating that he, “being more concerned about the gulls and wetlands than the lost revenue from the casinos that everyone else seems to be obsessing on” (Helvarg, p. 117, 2016). During the entire essay he speaks more from an ecologically aware individual’s perspective than someone who is only looking at the destruction of the roads, buildings, and things that can be replaced. In the previous paragraph he talks about the, “coastal trees and wetlands festooned with plastic like Tibetan prayer flags (as if monks were praying over dead turtles and seabirds)” (Helvarg, p. 117, 2016). Showing his concern for the environment and the inhabitants rather than that of the manmade objects. Helvarg, talks about the sheer destruction of life as he walks the reader through what he encounters as he is out. In almost every paragraph he describes the effects of the storm on the wildlife and nature, and the effects manmade things had on nature. As if saying that the storm caused destruction but these manmade things made it worse.

agree with both statements separately.

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