the short power point on how to construct a critique

Please view the short power point on how to construct a critique. I will be looking for the elements presented in this power point in your own presentation, and in a similar order.

You will not need to submit a written essay, even though it is mentioned in the presentation. Choose one of the artists on the list below. View their work and research the artist. You will need to focus on only two works and be sure your last slide for each work is based on your own interpretation and conclusion about the intention of the piece. You will base your own power point critique on only two works of art by your chosen artist.

Choose only one of the following artists to research and critique two works of art:

Wangechi Mutu (Kenyan born, collage artist)
Damien Hirst (British sculptor)
Do-Ho Suh (Korean sculptor)
Ana Mendieta (Cuban performance artist)
Gabriel Orozco (Mexican sculptor)
Shahzia Sikander (Pakistani painter)

The presentation must be a Power Point (no PREZI please). You must e-mail it to me by the due date listed under Critical Dates. The presentation should contain a minimum of 15 slides. Your research must include the following sources: books, the internet, journals, and/or publications. Do not cut and paste text from the internet – this will lead to a grade of a zero for the assignment. You may cut and paste images from the internet (to support your research )only. Please include a list of sources on your last slide. Insert clear images and explain the images.

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