The Rocking Horse Winner and Leavitt?s Gravity

Write a reading response of at least 500 words in which you reflect on Lawrence?s ?The Rocking-Horse Winner? and Leavitt?s ?Gravity.?

Consider the following in your response: ? Both stories involve the relationship between a mother and her son. What is the ?truth? that is reflected in the relationship between Paul and his mother in ?The Rocking-Horse Winner?? How about in the conflict between Sylvia and Theo in ?Gravity?? Are there are, broader ?truths? exposed in these two stories? If so, to what do they pertain? ? Talk about your reaction to each story: what did you like (or dislike)? Which character(s) could you relate to? Why? How did you feel about the ending of each story? Did you want to know more ? like a what-happened-after sequel? Comment on anything else about the stories that was significant to you.

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