The Research Paper is to be a sociological analysis of a significant issue that is associated with..

The Research Paper is to be a sociological analysis of a significant issue that is associated with the concept, structure, functioning or place of the contemporary family in the larger society. Instead of simply describing the issue and stating why it is significant to the family, you are to identify trends in data over the last few decades that are associated with the topic’s connection to the family. Are perceptions of the topic’s by the data or are the perceptions inconsistent with the data? How has the issue impacted the family and why?

In the analysis, present and critique opposing positions that may be held on the subject and evaluate, from your point of view, the validity of the positions. Are there public policies that should be implemented with regard to the issue? Explain your reasoning. It is further important to make a comparison with the experiences of families in at least one other country, culture or subculture. Finally, what does your research tell you the trends will be regarding this issue, domestically and internationally, over the next twenty years? Format Paper must be a minimum of ten and no more than fifteen pages in length (2,500 to 3,500 words) including an abstract and list of references. Include a title page, which does not count toward the page number minimum. Double-space the text of the paper. At least five academic resources must be used to write the paper, not including the text and class notes. The resources must be taken from reputable academic books, journals, conference presentations and other resources that emphasize original research. Such resources are available through the Park online library databases. Articles from major newspapers are usually acceptable because they are checked and edited for reliability. Popular magazines or general web sites (those not representative of scholarly work or clearly expressing a one-sided position) may be used as illustrations or examples, but they should not form the framework or be used to present the primary arguments of the paper. American Psychological Association (APA) format must be used in preparing the paper. APA Style is to be used to cite resources in the body of the paper and to list the References (not works cited or bibliography) at the end of the paper. Complete the paper as a Word document or in Rich Text Format (rtf) and submit it. Number all pages according to APA Style. Be sure to proofread the paper carefully and run spell check and grammar check. It is often very helpful to have someone proofread the paper for you.

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