The progress and development of any nation depends over the larger extent… 1 answer below »

The progress and development of any nation depends over the larger extent up on human capital with respect to the skillsets and capabilities. With respect to numerous initiatives for bettering human development in terms of quality and inclusive public services in terms of health care, education, infrastructure, etc., skill development is one of the key tools. One of the initiatives is the use of tax levies for funding/ enabling training of individuals for skill development. At the outset, the objective of this research is of two parts, (i) Undertake a study over various levies based training model adopted across various countries and their effectiveness / implication, and (ii) Based on this study as input, develop a model that can be applied by developing countries to effectively aid in the human capital development. The research method that is employedis qualitative approach for aiding the study that is undertaken. The qualitative research encompassed the following, (i) case study approach for assessing the significance of tax systems and capabilities, (ii) exploratory approach for surveyingthe various literature for reviewing various levies based training model, their application across various countries, their implication/ effectiveness, etc, and (iii)

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