The primary assessment of this course is a formal, scientific research proposal. The primary…

The primary assessment of this course is a formal, scientific research proposal.

The primary assessment of this course is a formal, proposal. This proposal should include a title page, a , a method section and a reference page. Remember that this proposal should be based on one of the 10 research topics that were provided above.
The proposal is worth a total of 100 points and should be at least 10 pages in length (typed, double-spaced, and according to APA guidelines). You will also need to provide at least 10 peer-reviewed reference citations from peer-reviewed journals as support for your proposal. This is IN ADDITION to any other types of sources (i.e., book, book chapter, website, interview, media, etc.) that you may need to write a sufficient research document.

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            Media serves as one of the technologies that have brought change in our lives. Media is meant to educate as well as highlight the plight of many people who are challenged in our community. The media is a communication platform that makes our day to day lives easier and better because we are informed and we continue to learn. Mass media especially the television plays an important role in our lives by airing the news and any other important issues that might be affecting the people as well us pointing out some of the possible solutions to these issues. Therefore the media has many benefits to the society and we should appreciate this development in and the various roles it plays. At the same the media has impact on behaviors and the impact is both negative and positive based on the content a….


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