The legislation that Kennedy proposed was called the New Frontier

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Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson both sought to fight poverty and racial inequality. The legislation that Kennedy proposed was called the New Frontier and that which Johnson proposed was called the Great Society. Even though some of Kennedy's ideas didn't become enacted until Johnson became president, it is still important to recognize the elements of what each president tried to accomplish.

From the list provided below, you must decide if each item was an initiative only within Kennedy's New Frontier, if it was proposed by both presidents, or if it was an initiative only within Johnson's Great Society. For each numbered item, place an "X" in the appropriate column. The first one has been done for you.

Kennedy's New Frontier

BOTH programs

Johnson's Great Society

1. Head Start


2. Peace Corps

3. Job Corps

4. Civil Rights Act

5. Voting Rights Act

6. New food stamp program

7. Medical aid for the elderly

8. Medical aid for the poor

9. Aid to Latin America

10. Aid to education

11. Aid to disadvantaged neighborhoods

12. Corporate tax benefits

13. Funding for the space program

14. Pollution standards for waterways

15. Tighter standard for air pollution

16. Decreased immigration limits

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