The implementation of a basic HTML code

While typically large scale coding projects will be done by a developer on a campaign, it is important that the digital director has basic coding skills. Imagine that you get a call on a Sunday morning and your opponent was caught on video by a tracker using a racist slur. Your developer is off, but you need to create a dedicated page to help push the news out and take advantage of the extra attention your race will get.
In this assignment you should demonstrate your ability to code a basic page by recreating the following page in HTML:
Sample Webpage
Select Website Coding Exercise to obtain the text for your webpage. The text hyperlinked in the past sentence is dummy copy. When many developers build websites they use dummy copy as a placeholder for the copy that will be written by the content team later in the process. So, we’ll copy that same procedure and ignore the content development for our assignment – just drop the dummy copy into your site.
You must use a simple text editor such as Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac) to draft your code. Submit your HTML code (.txt file or .rtf file) for the webpage to the assignment dropbox.

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