the Great Wave of Immigration, history homework help

Respond to all parts of this assignment on one
Word document.

1. How did the Great Wave of Immigration affect the city of Chicago (from ?Did You Know? in
Immigration: A Documentary and Reference Guide, Chapter 3, Documents section)?

2. Examine Edwin Levick?s 1906 photograph of immigrants on the deck of the S.S. Patricia within
?The Dawn of the Twentieth Century and the Renewed Promise of America? section from Chapter
3 of the Immigration: A Documentary and Reference Guide. What can you determine about the
immigration experience from studying this image and from the information contained in the
caption below the image?

3. Use simple Internet research to provide short answers to the following questions (be sure to cite
your sources using MLA format):
? What countries and ethnic groups comprise the Slavic peoples?
? What was the Haymarket Riot and what was its relation to Immigrant groups?
? What did Henry Cabot Lodge, Henry Ford, Father Coughlin, and the Ku Klux Klan have in

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