The following letter has intentional errors in spelling, proofreading, noun plurals, and sentence…

The following letter has intentional errors in spelling, proofreading, noun plurals, and sentence structure. You may either (a) Use standard proofreading marks to correct the errors here or (b) Download the document from your companion Web site and revise at your computer. Study the guidelines in the Grammar/Mechanics Handbook to sharpen your skills. FOREST COMMUNICATION SERVICES 259 Elm Street, Suite 400 Cambridge, MA 02124 (617) 830-2871 April 12, 200x Ms. Rachel M. Fisher Workplace Monthly Magazine 302 Northland Boulevard Cincinnati, OH 45246 Dear Ms. Fletcher: Thank you for giving Forrest Communication Services opportunity to contribute to the magazine article. That you are writing about Web conferencing for Workplace Monthly Magazine. My specialty here at Forest Communication is conferencing service’s for North America. Online meetings are definitely becomming more frequent. Web conferencing began in the 1990’s, but it has grown rapidly in the 2000’s. Many companys find that such meeting save time and money. Participants can hold live, interactive meetings and share documents and presentations. Without ever leaving their offices or homes. Web conferencing is simply more convenient then having to attend meeting in person. Let me summarize a few Web conferencing feature: • Participant ID. This feature displays on your screen the name of all attendee’s and indicates who is talking over the phone line. • PowerPoints/Docu

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