The First Submission is a complete paper, and should generally involve substantial revision…

The First Submission is a complete paper, and should generally involve substantial revision following

the peer review exercise. It is an opportunity for you to receive extensive feedback from your TA. The

submission should be 8–9 pages double spaced, in 12-point Times Roman, and follow APA style where

appropriate. Papers over or under that limit will be penalized. Your paper should also include a title

page and a reference list of at least eight primary sources and at least one “ounter-reference”(in addition

to the 8–9 pages of text); it is worth 15% of your grade

Your first submission is due in lecture, at the beginning of class. Your first submission must also be
is due. Your First Submission will be considered incomplete (and late penalties will accrue) until it is
filed on Canvas and Turnitin. Late assignments, including late submissions to Turnitin or Canvas, or
incomplete assignments, will be penalized 10% (one-and-a-half marks) per calendar day (or any part of
a calendar day).

General Grading Criteria for First Submission (15% of your grade):
1. Quality of Ideas – argument, research, original thought, complexity, awareness of
opposing views, risk.
2. Organization and Development – title, thesis statement, arrangement and development of
ideas, transitions, paragraphs.
3. Clarity and Style – readability, voice, tone, style, sentence structure
4. Format, Sentence Structure, and Mechanics – grammatical correctness, spelling,
proofreading, formatting of the manuscript.

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