the differences between people’s beliefs, cultures, traditions, writing homework help

You may choose any of the question or combination of questions below —
and turn them into a working thesis for argumentative purposes. Be sure
that you incorporate elements of argument — you must demonstrate use
of ethos, pathos, and logos in your argument. You will be constructing a
rhetorical analysis on your topic.

questions: Is there anything inherently bad about any of the
differences between people’s beliefs, cultures, traditions, etc? How
does stereotyping play a role? What can be good about people being
different? Why do people often have the same reaction to a type of
person? How/why these associations formed, and can they be changed? Are
these associations necessarily true? How can innocent generalizations
become dangerous stereotypes?

the essay must have a minimum of two quotes – from either the readings
or research articles on the topic. Be sure to use proper APA format

— essay must be a minimum of 3-4 pages in length

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