The Dark Brown Dog Select one of the short stories listed below: “A Dark Brown Dog” by Stephen Crane

The Dark Brown DogSelect one of the short stories listed below: 
“A Dark Brown Dog” by Stephen Crane
Assignment Description

You will write an 800-1,200-word essay that analyzes a character or two characters in a short story of your selection. You may single out a character or write about two characters from the same work or different works. Your essay must use quotes and/or paraphrases from the piece(s) to support your analysis; all such citations must include parenthetical references, and your essay must include a Reference page, even if your only source is the story you are referencing.

Consider the following questions (when applicable) in your analysis:

How does the author describe this character? What qualities are emphasized? What does the character say and how does he or she say whatever is said? How does the character relate to other characters? What do the characters say about each other? How do characters interact? What do you think the author wanted to convey with this character? Does the character represent a group of people, a particular type of person, or anything else (such as an idea, a belief system, etc.)? If so, what is the author saying about what the character represents? Does the author include imagery to define the character? What evaluation can be drawn from the symbolism present in the descriptions about the character?

APA…………………Answer Preview………………“The Dark Brown Dog” is a short story written by Stephen Crane and is about a boy who happened to stumble across a dark brown dog. At first, the writer illustrates how the boy pats the small dog then proceeds to walk home. The dog then tries following the boy home although the boy does not like it and is not welcoming. It gets to a point where the boy even hits the dog and regardless of this, the small dog still keeps following. In the long run, the boy takes the dog home with him. The boy’s father……………….APA957 Words Added to cart

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