the assignment I need is the research report in the syllabus. Thank you Document Preview: THIS IS TH

the assignment I need is the research report in the syllabus. Thank you

Document Preview:

Research Report Outline
You will submit an outline of what you think will be your topic and thesis statement to be researched and discussed in the research report. Provide a statement that introduces your topic, write the thesis statement, and provide at least a general outline of the paper. The outline is due by the fifth week of the course, but you may wish to submit it earlier in order to have more time to apply the instructor’s comments to
performing the research. Components
% of Grade

Introduction of topic

Thesis statement

Subtopics identified

Plan of research presented in a logical sequence

Clarity of writing and proper use of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and syntax

Evaluate a variety of research sources

Plan and implement the stages of the research process


Research Report (Case Study Analysis)
Analyze either a hypothetical or real business organization (case study analysis) and write a research report as if you were planning to submit it to the CEO or a high-level executive in your organization. The purpose of the report is to persuade the executive to accept your recommended solution to a problem, which you have identified through your analysis of the organization, from your research on the problem and alternative solutions to it. You may choose from the following list of topics: Communication technology Nonverbal communication Conflict Management Operations Customer services Public Relations Intercultural communication Supervisor-employee relationship Managing work-related stress Telecommuting Your textbook is also a good place to browse for topic ideas. Select an area that is of interest to you. Keep in mind that broad topics will likely need to be narrowed or focused. Examples: ? Communication technology may be focused: electronic mail systems, instant messaging, visual meetings, and others. ?…


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