Term Paper Public Management


Term research project:

The term paper is a minimum of 2000 words, not including footnotes, citations, headers, or titles.

The first page, approximately, will identify the case you have chosen (title and case number) and then summarize the topic in the text.

The remainder of the paper will be a research and analysis thesis about the subject related to the text case.

Some questions which you may consider are:1. What are the major issues facing the public organizations in the case you have chosen? 2. Did the solution presented seems be the best, based on the real-world issues and the issues that this class has reviewed? 3. What else could or should be done in this case? 4. Would the solutions be similar in your local jurisdiction? Why or why not?

You don’t need to cover all these questions. Rather you need to find an issue that relates to the case, once you have reviewed the case, and discuss that issue.

Papers must include a summary of the article and then cover a topic related to the article, otherwise the student will receive no credit for the paper.

Papers must effectively cover the topic and they will be graded on content, material, research and analysis related to issues dealing with public management.

They must be free of spelling and grammatical errors and employ proper research form, including references. Papers must be the original researched work of the student exclusively for this class, and must be submitted by the date outlined in the syllabus or they will receive no credit.

The paper is to be a formal research paper: thesis driven, with citations and a bibliography. I have extremely high expectations on the quality of the paper and each of you should understand that grammatical and spelling errors, as well as poor organization, incorrect information, insufficient or poor sources, and unsupported theses will result in a reduced grade. All papers should be carefully edited.

Also be forewarned: all papers will be evaluated using Turninin.

You will want to review the assignment rubric for this assignment. The “Rubric” section is located under “Assessments” in the navigation menu.

I will submit the annotated bibligography you did for me as well

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