Term paper about disabilities in Hong Kong

Guideline for Term Paper

  • Language: English
  • Typed, A4 paper with 1.5-line spacing
  • Font: 12; Times New Roman
  • Length: 2000 words (Bibliography is not counted)
  • Bibliography is a must.Any format will do (APA, MLA?etc)
  • Submit your term paper via Turnitin on Moodle.
  • Cover Page: Please type your name, student ID and question number on cover page.
  • Topic:
    • It is believed that the social status of people with disability (PWD) has improved in Hong Kong in the recent decades.To what extent do you agree?Which model of disability is useful in understanding and helping the PWD in Hong Kong?
    • A)How many people with disability are there in HK?You may choose 1-2 type(s) of disability as your focus of discussion in this paper.
    • B)Do you think the representation of people with disability has been changing in the media over the years?You may explore the image of PWD in the news, the mass media as well as that on the social media (e.g. youtube).
    • C)What are the problems and difficulties faced by people with disability and chronic illness? With reference to the medical and social model of disability, what are the cause of that above problems?
    • D)What are the changes in social policy and regulation that help the people with disability?How far are they helpful to the PWD?Are there any essential needs of PWDs that are not addressed?
    • E)Conclude your paper by summarising the situation of PWD and your stance on which model of disability is more useful for us to understand and help the PWD.You may suggest what else should be done to improve the situation of PWD.

    ×××which include: Major theme/question, key
    concepts and arguments, useful resources (website, journals or book
    chapter). ×××

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