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Deliverable to teacher:

1: Excel Spreadsheet with Gantt Chart based on problem 3.47

2: Powerpoint Sheet with Network Diagram for problem 3.47 with critical path shown

3: Word document 2-3 pages with project charter and explanation of your project plan.

Explain step by step project timeline: For example: there are ten activities that you will you have. See the Table on page 75 How many weeks will each phase take? Why? Your calculations for project estimated time line…Optimal time, pessimistic time, realistic time for each activity and your calculation for these (put this in a table in your word document). The expected time (ET) should match the expected duration in the table given on page 75 of your text for problem 3.47.

Again…..You are building a computer lab in room 204 in O’Reilly!

Chapter 3 problem number 3.47 on page 75.

Imagine you are building a computer lab for a classroom in O’Reilly.

Your team will submit an excel spreadsheet with the Gantt Chart, and project time line and a PowerPoint document with a Network diagram.

Examples are in the sample files below.

A few more details as requested by you all:

Assume you are converting Room 204 in O’Reilly into a Computer Lab.

Assume you have electricity, wifi, and network connectivity already provided. In other words it is not necessary to put these things in your project plan.

You will need 2-3 page write up of your project plan. Include a project charter as part of your write up. (See Chapter 3 for an example of a project charter).

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